We can think of more than five but just for starters here are 5 reasons why switching to TARA Cup is good for you and good for the planet.

1. No wetness, no rashes, no odour a. Since the menstrual cup works by collecting menstrual waste as opposed to absorbing it on a sanitary napkin, cloth pad or tampon, it is not in contact with the skin or air. This keeps you dry, comfortable and without any of the chafing associated with other methods of menstrual hygiene management. And as a result, you can enjoy an odour free period since the menstrual waste is not exposed to air.

2. Contactless disposal a. At TARA Cup, we are concerned about menstrual waste management and would like to reduce the exposure of people like garbage collectors and rag pickers who collect and sort waste on a daily basis. Using a cup means you take charge for managing your waste and ensure contactless disposal in a responsible manner thereby contributing to the betterment of community health.

3. Reusable for up to 10 years a. TARA Cup is made of soft, flexible, 100% medical grade liquid silicone and has a life of atleast 10 years thus eliminating the need for any other product to take care of your period. It reduces the impact on the environment by eliminating approximately between 5000 to 8000 pads over the lifetime of a woman. The environmental impact of this is huge as the pads can take between 500 and 700 years to decompose!

4. Economical a. Other methods of menstrual hygiene management such as disposable sanitary napkins can be a significant expense over the course of a woman’s menstruating lifetime. With TARA Cup, you can now manage your recurrent expense on period management under Rs. 5 per month!

5. With Tara cup, you are always period ready a. Periods can come anytime and sometimes you can be caught unprepared leading to inconvenience and stress. As a TARA Cup user, you are period ready, any time of the day or night.