TARA Cup is a menstrual hygiene product designed for safe, intimate use. It is the smart choice for the modern woman who cares for her well-being and the environment. TARA Cup is made of 100% liquid medical grade silicone and is free from chemical dyes and BPA (bisphenol A). It is the same material used in feeding bottle nipples as well as medical devices such as catheters etc. Silicone is odourless and has anti-microbial properties, making it an ideal choice for a menstrual cup. TARA Cup is soft and flexible, making it easy to use and comfortable for long wear, upto 10 hours.It has been scientifically designed and tested and is suitable for adult women.

Know your TARA Cup

This lightweight reusable cup weights 14g and can hold 25ml of menstrual fluids. Depending on your flow, it can be rinsed and resused as required. The dimensions are as follows, height -70.5mm and width – 42mm. The stem can be snipped off to suit your convenience and does not impact the product in anyway.

TARA Cup consists of a receptacle and stem. The rim is the top edge of the cup and allows it to stay in place once it is opened.

The 4 micro holes below the rim allow you to release the suction in order to remove the cup. Ensure that these holes are cleaned every time you use the cup.

The body of the cup holds the menstrual fluid and has a capacity of 25ml. On an average, a menstruator bleeds anywhere between 30-60 ml over 3 to 5 days. The cup has been designed with rings at its base for a better grip making it easier to remove it.

The stem of the cup is provided to help you locate the cup. Do not pull on it to remove the cup but use it as a guide to reach the base of the cup to release the suction before withdrawing it from the vagina.

TARA Cup is an initiative of Svatantra Trust to promote hygienic and affordable menstrual hygiene solutions.